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Linked: Feeling overwhelmed? You could be suffering from ‘meeting fatigue’

I have heard these findings before and am starting to think about how I can implement some of them. I think I’m going to encourage more check-ins that are off-camera, and use my phone to walk around instead of my laptop.

““When asked what would reduce video meeting fatigue, two key areas were dominant: culture changes around meetings and better meeting technology,” she told HRD. “At a strategic level, the recommendations fall into two categories: changes to company culture and improved meeting technology. The top three suggestions include adjustments to meeting culture including reducing back-to-back meetings (42%), five-minute buffer between meetings (33%), and meeting-free days (27%).

“All of the other recommendations fall into better meeting technology: the ability to stand up and move around (37%), removing unwanted background noise (24%), non-verbal participation such as chat, gestures, or polls (24%), virtual backgrounds (22%), better camera locations and improved microphones (19%), hand-off meetings between devices (18%), and, lastly, the ability to personalize their video meeting solution.””

I already use the fact that I own a stand-up desk and can at least stand and move a little bit while still being on camera. It matters. Having more freedom to move around and not be on camera for every meeting could matter more.

What changes can you make in culture or technology choices that would help you with meeting fatigue?


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