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Linked: Upskilling employees? Odds are you’re underinvesting

Put aside the fact that Docebo is trying to sell you an LMS with this content, and pay attention tot these facts:

“Consider that:

  • 94% of employees would stay with their employers longer if they were offered learning opportunities

  • 70% of employees say they don’t have mastery of the skills they need to do their jobs

  • It can cost as much as 6x more to hire externally than build from within”

Whether you purchase an LMS or make some other kind of training resource available to your employees, the fact of the matter is that it is expensive to ignore this issue. Your people likely have skill gaps that hinder their work. They want to fill in those gaps through education and grow with your organization, and if you don’t provide that someone else will.

Very few people want to simply continue being mediocre at their jobs, they want to grow and be better. You can assist that by creating the right resources for your team, or you can ignore it and hope they don’t get a better offer.

I know which option I would bet on.

Upskilling employees? Odds are you’re underinvesting

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