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There is a lot to digest in Katelynn’s post, and you should read it. The one thing that I think should be obvious and everyone should be thinking about is this, though:

“As the rate of technological innovation grows exponentially, technical skills that jobs require will have a shorter shelf life. As new tools become available in knowledge and information work, mastery requires constant learning. The imperative to constantly upgrade one’s skills to be considered a high-skill worker will lead to an increased demand for upskilling products and services.”

I’ve said it before, but let me repeat it. Regarding technology, what you learned in college is probably pointless within 2-3 years. What you did at work 5-10 years ago is useless. Continuous learning and upskilling are not optional. Talking about skills-based hiring is a new trend, but it’s the trend that made sense even before it became popular. Your degrees and resume don’t matter nearly as much as what you can do right now and what you can learn going forward.

This is the business world we live in now. There is no cushy job where you can do the same thing in the same place for 30 years. That’s ancient history, and our career plans and hiring practices must match the current reality.

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