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So, after working onsite at a day long seminar, and watching numerous people give presentations, I have some thoughts naturally. 🙂

If you are presenting using a lapel microphone, let’s try and put that sucker in the middle of your jacket, or even on your tie guys, ok? If you put it on the outside part of your lapel, the side furthest from the center of the jacket, and then turn your head in the opposite direction to speak to that side of the room, the microphone doesn’t pick up much. Of course, when you turn your head back to speak to this side of the room, it picks up REAL well!

Speaking of lapel mics, don’t drop your head and speak directly into the microphone when doing a sound check. Speak with your head the same way you will when you’re presenting. If you speak directly into it, the levels will be set for that, not for how you actually speak to the audience.

If you are speaking and the screen(s) are in the opposite direction as the audience, know your presentation well enough to not have to turn around and look at it too often. (Especially if you have a lapel mic to one side of your jacket, and the slides are projected on the opposite side!)

Lastly, if the slides are being projected on two screens, one on each side of the room, walking over to one of them and using a laser pointer to highlight something on your slides works great, for half the room.

What tips do you have for presenters? Please share….

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