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I haven’t had a lot of spare time to check out other blogs, until today that is. Here’s what I’ve been missing:

Paul Boutin on Flashtrack, some sort of popup ad spyware. What sort of idiots think this is a good way to get their message out? Piss off all of your potential customers, that’ll be good for business! Grr.

Robyn seems a little angry with Wil Wheaton. Can’t say that I don’t agree with her. It was a little stupid of Wil to ask for donations to take his wife out for Valentine’s, I didn’t ask for donations, but then again my wife’s birthday is in a few weeks…hmm. (j/k)

One of America’s best and brightest (sarcasm intended) accuses Chris Pirillo of being a terrorist.

Speaking of Gnomedex, they have announced the dates for this year, Aug 23-24. I’m hoping to be there again. I’m even thinking of driving this year and making a long vacation out of it. Let’s see, drive to Des Moines, go to Gnomedex, drive on to Colorado and see Steve and Emily and their new baby, detour up to Moorhead, MN to see Jen and Nathan and their new baby, come home. OK, it’s a bit of driving, but it’d be very cool to be able to pull all of that off, and blog the whole thing, complete with photos! Keep your fingers crossed!

Caterina discusses an article about self-esteem that would seem to disagree with popular theory. I like Caterina’s blog, it’s well-written, and it’s a nice change from the tech blogs I’m usually reading, but she needs permalinks! I can’t link to the post I’m talking about, but as of right this very second it’s the latest post.

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