Sunday projects

Spent part of the day today upgrading the Child Abuse blog to Movable Type version 3.2. The upgrade process wasn’t too difficult, but there have been some slight changes to the admin sections that’ll take some getting used to, and it’ll take me a few days of use to really get a feel for the new features before I can give you all an educated opinion, but I think the upgrade will be a good thing.

The other project was looking over submitted proposals for the Friends of the Library website. I like what I’m seeing there technology-wise. I think we’ve got some people who share my vision for putting in place the infrastructure for the site to grow into going forward. Now we’ll just have to see if we can communicate that vision to others effectively and whether that’s the plan they’ve envisioned!

And the beauty of having a three day weekend, is that I still have a day to enjoy with my wife after getting that done today!

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