Reading over lunch

Getting a small chance to play catch up while I eat lunch, since Angela went home sick. (The heat in the building has reached a point of making her nauseous, maybe it’s time to send everyone home!)

Phil’s got a list of ways to surf blogs at random:

NextBlog! gives you a random recently updated Blogger-powered blog.

random blog gives you a random blog from the database (not necessarily recently updated).

RandomFreshBlog is my version of the version of NextBlog! that Dave wants – I’m using the changes.xml file rather than the version, since’s file is a superset of’s.

Following those should be a fun way to find more blogs, if I ever find the time! 🙂 has new Blogroll Me! feature. (thanks to Useless Miscellany for the head’s up!)

Today is Doc’s 55th birthday. Hope it’s a good one! I’m looking forward to hearing him at Gnomedex next month!

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