Giving it another chance

I got an email from Morbus, the mysterious creator of Amphetadesk, offering me the opportunity to preview the Alpha of version 0.93, so that I could give it another chance to stack up in the Freeware News Aggregator Showdown. He disputes my claim that the download was over 4MB and that it ran extremely slow. It may be that I simply got a f***ed version of it from one of the mirror sites, so I’ll give it another shot. (That, and I’m a total sucker when a programmer offers to let me test stuff!!) Whatever changes there may be in 0.93, I can tell you right away that the speed issue has been addressed completely. It’s much faster and usable than whatever that was I downloaded back a few months ago! 🙂 More to come…

Now if I could just find someone who can explain this whole Weblog Neighborhood thing that the Radio users are all gaga about. I sort of get the idea, and I, apparently, even show up in some of their neighborhoods, but I really don’t understand how it works or what it means to be in someone’s neighborhood. I think I focused so much on getting stuff fixed at work that I can’t get my head around the idea for now or something.

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