Doing my best Kevin Spacey impression

“I rule!”

First off, I did figure out what was going on with my template here, turns out it was my fault, blogger didn’t like those ampersand characters in the javascript for the stuff, so I’m going to simply keep a copy of my template code as a text file on the server and edit from there, instead of in Blogger’s web-interface, because the web interface chokes on the code. No big deal, the web interface will still accept my copy/pasted code and make the changes when I publish, so all is good there. By the way, I figured that out last night, I really think that I was somehow not going to be able to go to sleep until I got something to work right, as weird as that sounds. *L*

I also, in slightly under 2 hours this morning, figured out what was wrong with the database and got it fixed! Turns out we had a corrupt record, all I needed to do was figure out at what point in the search the database choked and delete that record. It turned out to be an old record for a company that has since merged, so there was even no reason to keep the record in the active file. That’s a huge load off my mind!

So I’m in a better mood now, although in my desire to try out some new blogging software I discovered that Readyhosting will not only not support mySQL, but it won’t add the required Perl module to run Movable Type either. I like the Windows 2000 hosting because I can use ASP, and I’m not really in a position where I can pay for another domain to be hosted on Linux to play with this stuff. Guess I’ll live with the limitations.

I have been seeing some flow for my Freeware News Aggregator article this morning. Seems the flow started with Matthew and is moving around the Library Tech blog world. Cool, I hope you all enjoy it!

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