Note to self

Not that any of you will ever need to know this, but I found out today that I needed to know this, so I’m writing it down in case I need to know it again. (Because searching for a solution turned into quite the time-consuming task.) When the MS Mail for Mac program gets corrupted on the Mac, and since the new Mac doesn’t have a floppy to copy the software off like we always used to, try deleting the MS Mail/PC LANs Prefs file in the System folder, and then when you start MS Mail it will ask you to setup a new Prefs file and any corruption should get taken care of with that.

It also wouldn’t hurt to have the graphics guy copy the program on to the network or a zip disk at some point in case we need to actually reinstall it. Having it on a floppy that can only be read by a Mac and having our only Mac without a floppy drive makes it all sort of pointless, doesn’t it? 🙂

And yes, we do still use MS Mail Postoffice to handle our internal email, and our ISP’s mail server to handle internet email. Aren’t we special? *L*

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