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Brad reminded me about the Columbus ITEC show going on next month. I had forgotten all about it. I’ll probably be there at some point during the two days of the event, but I’m not sure when yet. Gonna have to get a good look at the seminar schedule and what not before then. 🙂

Angela has put up some of our Chicago pictures up already. I’ll probably put together a slightly different album once I have the film pics back. We’re both so completely independent and have different ideas that we have to do our own web albums, pretty sad isn’t it? *L*

Speaking of film, I’m debating whether to I should ask for a second digital camera for Xmas, or a PocketPC/Palm PDA type thingy. tough choice, what do you think? I don’t think I have enough reasons to use the PDA, what do you use your’s for?

Erik has the info on how to set up Amphetadesk to give your blog URL, or a special intro page, as the referrer when you click a link. Excellent, I’ve been needing to look into how to do that!

Finally, I noticed a link from Corante to a post by John Hiler about how people’s egos are ruining blogging for him. An interesting bit here:

I’m going to try and exorcise myself of these doubts over the next few weeks… by blogging about them, as well as working on a series of articles that I am tentatively calling The Mental Illnesses of Bloggers. I don’t know if I will publish the articles or not, but hopefully I’ll feel better after writing them.

You see, I’ve thought about doing something similar. I tend to think that this is the situation; when you decide to write every day, or close to every day, and someone is reading every day, all of your faults are going to be on full display to those readers who are mentally aware. You can’t help it if you’re trying to be yourself in your writing. That means that, if you look hard enough, you can begin to see the various dysfunctional traits that exist in the personalities that are writing these blogs. You begin to see the overly obsessive, the attention-seekers, those suffering from depression, unhealthy mood swings, the ego-centric, the self-righteous, the elitist, the illogical arguments, the hypocrites, etc, etc, etc. The list is as long as any list of human failings. I’ve felt what John is feeling, and I’ve dropped quite a few people from my regular reading list because I just couldn’t watch it any longer, and as much as part of me wants to write those posts or articles and point out these things to people, I know too many people would just get angry with me. I’ve seen what happens in the blogging world when an individual blogger can use their influence to make a group of people angry at another for trying to speak the truth, and I want no part of that. So those thoughts will remain private. (That’s the thing that disheartens me more than anything about blogging, the group-think that gets passed off as a “supportive community”. Blech!)

Those are my thoughts this morning…

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