Hmm is it just me?

For some reason, I seem to be having fits and problems when it comes to the asp parts of this site rendering properly this morning. Apparently I’m the only one, as I’ve had others test it. So it should be ok for all of you. Let me know if it’s not for whatever reason, k? The ASPmail component is not working either, which is what makes me suspicious about whether it really is just me or not. Usually whenever someone leaves a comment, a copy of it is emailed to me, but I haven’t gotten any email for the last 2 comments that were entered. Of course, our internet connection is also being flaky this morning, so I’m not sure what is my problem and what isn’t anymore!

According to Evan, that earthquake last night was his fault. I think it was nature’s way of telling Ev to get to work on finishing the Beta testing of the new BloggerPro publishing engine. 🙂 By the way, they are also Beta testing the RSS feed with the new publishing engine, so the feed address will be changing, hopefully, some time soon. As will the layout of the feed, I hope!

We’ve already seen the Geek to Gnomedex campaign, which appears to be going along quite nicely, by the way. Are we going to have to start the Robert Scoble to Gnomedex campaign? I sure hope Robert can be there, he was a speaker last year, and was really just an all around nice and fun guy to have around. Robert, what do we have to do to get you back again this year? After the year you’ve been having since last year’s convention you deserve to be there having fun again!

The folks who run Privacy Digest have started a Discussion Board. Obviously people haven’t really started using it, but if/when they do, there should be some good ideas floating around in there!

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