Is it really Monday again?

Anyway, the search for blogs to link to the Child Abuse blog continues, I added a couple today, but it doesn’t seem like blogging the details of everyday life for abuse survivors or people dealing with depression or other obstacles has caught on quite the way I would have thought. Submissions are always welcome, and thanks to Jeff for the link, but we’ll move on here for now, k? The search will continue and be documented over there from now on, thanks for your attention! ๐Ÿ™‚

Medley is blogging in response to a discussion going on over at Burningbird’s. (Follow the links, get the whole picture.) The Bird’s problem with Google is that it can be influenced by weblogs. She sees that as a bad thing, because we could, and sometimes do, contrive to push one side of an issue up the rankings by the way in which we link and write about it. I see that as democracy at it’s finest, because unlike network news, or talk radio, (which is just as biased as any blogger may be, IMHO) everyone can get a weblog and contribute to the information Google is indexing. Google isn’t a perfect solution to fairness and equality but I don’t believe it ever intended to be.

Speaking of free speech, and someone I usually don’t agree with, did you catch the latest Dennis Miller rant about freedom of speech? He nails it pretty well, in my opinion. (via Frank McPherson)

Finally, on the workplace front, I’m officially going to be working about a half-day sometime this weekend. I need to purge the database of old records, which is always fun. Actually it’s not, it’s about 4 hours of the most mind-numbingly dull work you can possibly imagine, since almost all of that 4 hours is made up of making sure no records got marked for deletion that shouldn’t have been. The actual purge script takes about 20-30 minutes to run through the whole database, but I’ve got to be sure it’s backed up and double checked to the best of my ability before I run the script. On the plus side, however, I can exchange the 4 hours, and take off on that Tuesday afternoon, the 21st, to get a head start on getting to Cincinnati for the Midnight Oil concert! Sometimes being the IT guy and having to work odd hours to do odd projects does pay off!

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