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I did manage to follow what seemed like a billion links and come up with a couple of sites to blogroll over at the Child Abuse Blog. A couple of breast cancer survivors, a child abuse survivor and another woman overcoming physical disabilities. It’s a good start, but I want more!

You’re probably wondering why I want more, well let me tell you something. The absolute hardest thing for me when I was being treated for depression and dealing with the child abuse that happened was the feeling that I was some how all alone in dealing with this. That is a horrible feeling and it’s one I want to help people see is not the truth. I want to be able to overwhelm people who read that blog with the number of people who are overcoming tragic and terrible circumstances just like they are. I want it to be the place to go for everyone who is feeling alone as they try to overcome and live their life. And most of all, I want to be able to point to, literally, hundreds of pages and say “Look, everyone of these people have overcome the sorts of things you’re dealing with now, go take a look at their lives, see what is possible!”.

So let’s create some flow, let’s get the word out. I don’t care if overcoming difficulties is the theme of the blog or not. I want to be able to point to all of the amazing people out there in the blogging community who are living their lives after terrible tragedies. Or, I want to encourage those with a similar story to start a blog. Let’s get the message out to the thousands of victims of abuse, disease, and tragedy that they are not alone. If you ever wanted to pass along something you’ve read here, make it this entry. You, the blogging community that I’ve come to enjoy, and be educated by, can help this goal become a reality. Not for me, not for my own traffic and fame, but for every child being abused who feels like they’re all alone in the world, for every adult who’s ever felt like their life is no longer worth living, and that they could never survive and overcome. Use the power of the internet, for them.

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