When does my vacation start?

I’m ready to be gone from here for a while. It’s only Monday and, in between trying to advise Angela on spyware problems one of her coworkers is having, I’ve also had to deal with this stuff among my own users today:

– A panicked early morning call about someone’s PC being broken because there was nothing on the monitor display. (Someone had switched the monitor “off” while this person was gone Friday.)

– Someone who, despite the existence of our network and file server decided, without any input from anyone else, that the only way to work while she filled in for the receptionist was to keep important information on a floppy disk and keep it with her at all times. (The disk has been damaged and it can’t be read. Naturally!)

– A member who has submitted the “update your membership information” form from our website a number of times now, without actually changing any of their information. (Yes I get those forms by email, lucky me..)

I could use the break…

By the way Angela’s coworker’s spyware situation was a big enough mess that I believe the solution involves “format c:” 🙂

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