I just posted an update to the News Aggregator Showdon article today. Here’s what I added:

“Additional followup: Upon further investigation, I discovered one major

flaw with Newzcrawler, the permalinks don’t seem to work on many blog RSS

feeds.It’s not enough to sway me to the other choice but it’s troubling. I

also tried, on the recommendation of one of my visitors, a free aggregator

called Feedreader. Seems like it

might be worth a try so off I go and download it. First strike, no way to

set it to run using a proxy server and a firewall. So it will have to wait

until the weekend when I’m at home and can use it there without the proxy.

Get it downloaded and it seems to be similar to Newzcrawler, same sort of

folder layout, ability to add you own feeds, only a handful of default feeds,

but does pick up feeds from weblogs.com and other blog "portals".

The permalinks even work! It doesn’t have some of the advanced features of

Newzcrawler but seems like it’ll be a good simple solution.

And then it happened. The program crashed. It commited an illegal operation.

Then it crashed again 1 minute after I restarted it. After restarting the

PC this time, it locked up. Three strikes and you’re out! It had some promise,

but wasn’t stable on my PC. Your’s may be different, of course, but I’m sticking

with my first choice, Newzcrawler.

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