Reruns rock!

I never thought I’d actually have reason to think that reruns rock, but yesterday Call for Help, the TechTV show, aired a rerun of the show where they did a story on Evan Williams from Blogger. This is also the show that came with a follow up story about Chris Pirillo’s favorite blogs, in which this humble entry was one of the ten named. So now that the show is being aired again and is the lead story on their website, I’m getting a bunch of traffic from there. Welcome one and all, hope you enjoy your stay and will come back and enrich this little community with your feedback from time to time!

Of course, the first time the show aired and the blogs were mentioned in Lockergnome, my wonderful hosting company went offline the very next day for 24 hours, pretty much ruining any momentum the traffic might have generated. Here’s hoping the new host doesn’t do the same thing!

Hey have you noticed that Yahoo Groups has changed their “spam” policy to opt-out instead of opt-in and have reset everyone’s preferences to sign you up for spam mail, and snail mail and telephone solicitations as well, if you’ve ever purchased anything there and they have that information. Go and change those preferences in your Account Info now!

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