Good news keeps on rolling in!

Not only did my wife get a new job, but at 3:38AM on Saturday my good friends, Jen and Nathan, welcomed Amelia Elizabeth Meyers as the newest member of their family. Congrats guys! Pictures have been promised. Can’t wait until after Gnomedex when I get to continue my trek and see little Amelia and her proud parents!

The great Mac shopping research has begun. As of right now we’re looking at an eMac. I have a few questions on those though, like is it really worth the $300 extra for a swivel stand and 512MB of RAM instead of 128MB? My initial thought is to pay $75 extra and get an option of 256MB. Also, the Apple store lists a keyboard and mouse as optional extras. Please tell me it comes with a keyboard and mouse and these are just more advanced versions that we’d be paying for. I also need to look at maybe using Airport with the existing 802.11b access point. It should work. We weren’t planning on that originally, because we were going to give away Angela’s PC and use the same desk and existing Ethernet port, but that may change if I can’t fix the TCP/IP stacks on it. Her parents have a dialup internet connection and the TCP/IP stack on the dialup adapter is fucked, courtesy of Roadrunner Support who had me screwing with all of the TCP/IP stacks to prove to them that their cable modem was hosed, and this one broke and wouldn’t reinstall! So unless I can repair that, they have no real use for it, and we’ll all have to work out something else to help them out.

How do I always end up with so much work to do? I’m not even the one getting a new computer! (Yup, you’re damn right I’m jealous. I want a new PC!)

Anyway, keep the Mac advice coming, and feel free to point any Mac users and their advice my way as well!

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