Oh the irony!

We’ll be celebrating my wife’s new job all weekend now! Obviously she’s excited about this. I am too. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll miss working with her and being together every day, but she’s going to be the PR Director for a non-profit organization, doing some of the stuff she loves. She’ll be writing, and designing a publication with a subscriber base of 12,000, working for a pretty good cause and making more $$. How could I not be happy about that?

No, that’s not the ironic part.

I made a smart-ass comment about Mac users in my last post. Just over an hour later, my wife got a job that’s going to require her to work on *drumroll please* a Mac! Since she’s going to be working on one, we’re probably even going to buy an iMac for her to use at home as well. So I guess I’m going to have to start interacting with all those Mac bloggers out there to learn more about it. In the meantime, anyone know any Mac-heads who can give me some info on:

– How’s the iMac for hooking into an existing Ethernet network? No server, just a shared printer and cable internet connection through a router. Because her desk is in the office already the wireless isn’t necessary, it might be nice in the future if we move somewhere with more rooms, but for now, talk to me about the Ethernet connection.

– I know about iPhoto, and iTunes. I’ve heard good things, but what comes pre-installed in the way of web design and desktop publishing software, if any? Any recommendations on good software for these purposes?

– Are we overlooking another Mac possibility by assuming the iMac with OS X is going to be our best option?

Any and all advice is welcome.

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