Saw this over at Mike Sanders blog today:

“Three observations after reading current blog entries:

1) The logic and intelligence a person has in one area does not usually transfer to other domains.

2) Personal bias, not intellect or logic, is the number one determinant on the conclusion a person will reach.

3) Blogging is dominated by emotion.”

I was just thinking the same things on points one and two. While bloggers certainly have a right to voice whatever opinions they may have about anything, I have found that the more a blogger strays from what he knows best, the more faulty logic and personal bias enters the fray. I’ve seen it in many, many of my daily reads.

I probably do it too, although I’ve really tried very hard to not discuss non-tech things here very much at all. I’m not an expert on foreign policy, politics, law, or military strategy. I’m an IT guy. That’s what I’ll talk about here, and I’m willing to bet, that’s why most of you come here. If you want to discuss Middle Eastern policy, do it with people who have actually studied it, and learn from them. Don’t learn your politics from actors, musicians, programmers, popular bloggers etc. Learn from the experts, study the history, take in as much actual information as you can, and then make your own decisions.

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