You’re lucky it’s Friday

Dude, I don’t know who gve you that address and I don’t know what you think this is, but given your 9+ years in IT I’d like to think you could take a minute and come to this site before sending your resume to the HR Department of this domain. Obviously, this isn’t a business, and there is no HR Dept. Resume spam is no way to get a job in IT, and sending your contact information to complete strangers without even verifying that it’s a business, let alone a legitimate one is probably going to get you in a whole heap of trouble. I seriously considered reporting you to your ISP for spamming, since you obviously have no idea who you’re sending your resume to, but since it’s Friday I don’t actually feel like doing anything more than deleting your sorry-ass email and getting back to my work so I can go home and enjoy my weekend. Had it been Monday or over my weekend, the result may have been very different.

On the other hand, this is why those resume-blasting places seem like such a poor idea to me. I like being able to control who gets my contact information and know that they are actually a business with jobs and everything before sending it out! Letting someone else send it to god knows where seems a tad dangerous. I’d have to do some serious research into a company before letting them do that sort of thing.

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