Thank you

I got the first check from the CafePress store in the mail yesterday. It was for $26.30, which, when combined with the $14-15 I’ve got coming from the Amazon links at the end of the year will make a nice little donation to Prevent Child Abuse.

Of note, yes I have decided to go ahead and donate it all, rather than half this year, since the money won’t have covered the hosting fees anyway, and the site had at one time a $35 level which made you a “member”. (That’s not on the site now though, I’ll have to call and confirm that.) Also, most of the CafePress money came from referrals, stores that listed me as the person who turned them on the CafePress, but they don’t list who those stores were! So I really have no idea who the 5 stores are that have me listed as a referrer, and don’t know who to thank for that, so I just have to throw it out as a blanket thank you!

Lastly, I’m thinking about adding some stuff to the store but the process of coming up with a logo for the site is proving to be a difficult one for me. Hopefully I’ll have something soon!

So, thank you to everyone who made this possible and remember to follow those links to Amazon for your holiday purchases and we can make this year’s donation even bigger than I’m already planning, or if you have some purchases coming up early in 2004, we can get a head start on next year’s funds!

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