Good times

As fate would have it, Erik is in town this week as part of his consulting gig, working with a client located just outside of Columbus. We arranged to meet up for dinner last night, me and my lovely wife, Erik and his lovely coworker, Dave. 😉

After some initial confusion over directions, (no really to stay on Rt 16 you have to exit Rt. 16 and then it continues from there. Going straight puts you on a different road. I dont know why..) a good time was had by all, despite the fact that Erik and my wife will be rooting on opposite sides of the Iron Bowl this weekend. As you can tell from the state of Erik’s blog , the long hours of consulting work combined with the presence of 6 month old twins does not allow much time for hobbies such as these, but he seems to be enjoying himself.

Thanks Erik and Dave!

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