More work at home..

So after another eventful Monday at work, mostly with routine junk, email updates, and Staff Meetings that are normal for Mondays, I went home with even more work to do. No, I didn’t give Red Hat another try. After that debacle I needed to actually accomplish something, so I started work on the Job Search 20003 Access database. Here’s my thoughts:

I wanted something where I could list 2 things. One, a list of all the jobs and companies I’ve already sent resumes to. Secondly, a list of all the “top” companies to work for in my target cities, and links to their websites, especially if they have job postings on them. Then, I wanted to be able to access these lists in a number of ways, either by searching out the Company Name, or giving a list by city.

I have a bunch of other thoughts, and I certainly don’t have anything close to the finished product right now, but I’ve got a start, and it’s something to grow with. I think the next step is going to be finding lists of “top” companies in each of the metro areas that Angela and I are interested in living in. Once I start gathering that data it’ll be easier to envision what queries and reports I’d want on to run on it. So, anyone know where I could find such lists for Columbus, OH; all of North Carolina; Richmond and Roanoke, VA; Knoxville and Chattanooga, TN; Columbia, SC; or Atlanta?

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