Thanks, I’ll be here through the weekend..

No really, I’m going to be here, probably for a few hours, some time this weekend. I’m going to get to the bottom of that USB adapter issue, as well as the problems I’m having installing Norton to the file server. This way I can work on both problems without interfering with anyone else’s ability to get work done.

Seriously, on Monday I froze all of the memory on the file server while 20 people were connected to it, you should have seen it! *L* On the flip side, when Norton says it needs 49MB of HD space to install a client version, I can understand that because of the temp setup files you need more that that in real life, but when you use up all 150MB available on the OS partition you should have mentioned that before I started the install! So it really wasn’t my fault, was it? (Yeah, try telling that to irate users..)

Wish me luck!

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