Updates on my week so far:

Mac is still crashing. More graphics work has been lost. Possibly going to work exclusively booted into OS 9 for now. (It can’t hurt at this point..)

Massive amounts of research done (Thanks to Google) to show that a company has made deceptive, if not outright false, statements to us in a sales pitch, ignored. (More than ignored actually, but I will not get into that here.)

Massive amounts of research done over the course of weeks to determine potential costs of upgrading server software/hardware and allowing us to host our own Exchange server? “Oh never mind any of that, there’s no budget for any improvements.” (You didn’t know that the budget wouldn’t have that in it when you were writing it over these last weeks and months? That’s suddenly new information?)

Increasing number of complaints about our current email setup. (See item above, why complain to me?)

Total number of visits to my office of people looking for answers/explanations of tech questions that have nothing to do with my job or our business, this week? 4 (Two home computer questions, two “This company did this wrong and I’m going to yell at you about it because they used computers do to it and you are, apparently, some sort of all-knowing computer god, and you should fix it!” )

Total number of people who have asked me how to do something this week that I’ve already explained to them 3-4 times previous to this week? More than I can count.

Total number of people who have turned on Auto archiving in Outlook only to discover that they don’t know how to import the archive file back in and I have to do it for them? 1, but that was enough!

Total number of co-workers who have looked as though they were about to cry and/or scream because of anger/embarassment/frustration brought about by their jobs? 4, that I’ve seen with my own eyes, just in this week. (It’s only 10:30, that number may go up..)

Driving to Mansfield tomorrow for my BIL’s birthday: It’s supposed to snow!

Frustration level= HIGH

Chances that someone is going to get rudely tossed from my office if they complain about anything= VERY HIGH

Chance of me spending my lunch hour dreaming of the day I don’t work here anymore= 100%

Migraine= YUP!

Sudden desire to be back taking anti-depressants again= HELL YES!

Now you know why I haven’t been keeping up with the news in the blog world this week. I’m stressed, man! And the sad thing is, outside of the Mac, (Which is really only partially my responsibility) none of it is stress caused by the technology that I’m responsible for. That’s stress I can do something about, this isn’t. It’s much worse.

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