The pitfalls of technology

Amid the personal wreck of a website that, upon returning yesterday, somehow came up with a screwed up CPanel installation that leaves me with as much access to make changes to it as you have, and a mail server that, for some reason, delivered my email about 4-5 hours later for this domain this morning, comes this little professional tidbit.Turns out the company that acts as our ISP decided to stop sending delivery failure notices to emails sent to incorrect addresses. Now, I understand why they might want to do that, I don’t think I agree with them, but I understand it. Thing is, they didn’t tell anyone. Another department, within that same company, has been sending us information, important information, for the last 2 months, to a wrong address. We never got it. No one there knew we weren’t getting it. No one here knew they had been sending it to us. Bad spam filtering procedures strike again!

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