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ABA Techshow Day 3 Session 1

Before I get started, I’ve got to say I had a good time meeting up with other bloggers last night. Kevin O’Keefe organized the event and picked up the tab, which was awesome. Got a chance to meet and chat with a few fellow bloggers, who I won’t even try to link to, because I would undoubtedly leave someone out and I don’t want to do that, but trust me when I say that I enjoyed meeting and chatting with all of you, and I’ll be adding some new subscriptions to my Google Reader.

After spending some time there, I met up with Angela and walked up to Millennium Park, had dinner at Pizano’s on Madison, and tried to take some interesting night time photos. We’ll see how that worked out. 🙂

Just a couple of sessions this morning, then meeting back up with Angela for the St. Patrick’s Day parade.

Session 1 Notes: Managing Email, Britt Lorish Knuttgen and Dan Pinnington

OHIO: Only Handle it Once
RAFT inbox: Refer/Read, Act, File, Toss
Flagging and/or folders as organizational tools. (We’re already dealing with fallout of people filing things in folders and never deleting anything, we need to hit that concept hard before anything else!)

Are you doing work, or avoiding work by dealing with email? Turn off the new message “ding” and popup!

Speakers are suggesting using more than one email account, keeping various things out of your business email, like listserves, and personal email that you don’t look at as often. (Since we block all outside email accounts, and web-based accounts, does it actually encourage people to use their work email address for everything? I think it does.) -Interesting live Twitter discussion about this idea, since I posted it there too, shows power of Twitter right there.

Lots of questions about problems with spam filters. Obviously, folks still have issues getting real email through spam filters. I am not surprised by that.

Uh-oh he’s talking about Sent Items folder. As proud as I am of my clear inbox, I tend to keep a whole lot of Sent Items, too used to needing to CYA with emails I sent. 😉

One minute rule: decide what to do with a message within one minute, even if it’s setting yourself a task to accomplish the more complicated task.

Use signature blocks like auto text. (I’ve been getting some good use out of this, learned it at the help desk, because we were getting many of the same questions through email, so we made the answers or common replies signature blocks. Now I use them for things like letting someone know when a Summation load is finished, for example)

I’ve never got the hang of search folders, why not actually use folders?

Britt is encouraging people to save client emails in the Doc or Practice management system so that it’s attached to the client/matter instead of just sitting in someone’s mailbox. YAY! I wonder if she’ll come talk to some of our attorneys? 🙂 (She demonstrated it with World Docs, didn’t look much different than Worksite/Mailsite)

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  1. It was good to meet you Mike as well. We’ve got to more of those beer for bloggers events. Maybe nexy time not on Saint Pat’s day so we can get into the bar.

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