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1596388320_75203c39c3_hackers“Large, well-fortified organizations and enterprises may not be as attractive to data thieves as they once were. You can thank better training, bigger IT budgets and more effective security measures for this welcome bit of news.

Things are less rosy for small companies, however.

Shrinking budgets, limited resources, and lax or outdated security practices have now made SMBs the hacker’s preferred cyber-target, says a recent New York Times post–a vulnerability confirmed by recent industry stats.”

This makes sense, criminals have always gone for the easier targets when given a choice. Small businesses used to be able to hide under the radar when it came to cyber security because their data just wasn’t worth as much, but with the rise in ransomware and other quick-paying hacks available, those small companies with lax security become easy pickings.

Truly, data security has become everyone’s problem.

Hacking Small Companies Has Become Big Business – ITInflections

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