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If you’ve been around here for long, you likely know that sometimes, I just like to change things up and see how it works out. The whole point of hosting my own websites has been, in part, to dabble, so occasionally, I’ll dabble in a new direction.

While over in Australia last week, I decided that I wanted to change the way I use Diigo to bookmark items. I wanted to continue using it as a tool to point to interesting things, but I found that the way I was doing it, left something to be desired. The old work flow was:

  1. Bookmark in Diigo
  2. Use IFTTT to auto share new bookmarks to Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Have a Weekly blog post listing out everything I bookmarked during the week

As I said, that wasn’t a bad way to go. I think it has served me well, but it was lacking in one key area. If there was something breaking, and I wanted to quickly comment on it, I really needed to create a post for it instead of using the Diigo workflow, and because of the security setup of my WordPress installs, writing a blog post while traveling is sometimes problematic. (Because logins are limited to certain IPs, I generally need to VPN to my home computer if I need to access the WordPress Admin area at all, which I don’t always need to do, but it is useful many times!) Otherwise my comment would have to wait until Sunday, when the weekly roundup posted, and potentially get lost in the list of links being shared.

I’ve decided to go a different route, which you may have already seen.

  1. Bookmark in Diigo with notes
  2. Use IFTTT to create a new blog post, with the link and my notes/comments
  3. Push the blog post to Twitter and Facebook from WordPress
  4. Share other things that I don’t have comments to add directly to Facebook and Twitter and not here on the blog

So this means that you should start to see more posts here, and if you follow me on Twitter or the Facebook page, or other social networks, you’ll start to see things just shared directly there without seeing them here. Hopefully, it’s interesting stuff, but if not, hey at least you know I’ll probably change it again someday. 😉

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