New Cable Modem

Sorry for the delay, lost ftp connection to the site again for a day. It was supposed to be because they were moving it to a new server, but I still can’t get the file permissions changed, which was why they were moving it to begin with. Who knows?

We did get a new cable modem, the other one was bad, imagine that. After all the hassle with tech support in getting them to send someone out, it’s sort of ironic that the guy took one look at it and said “modem’s bad, let me swap that”. It hooked up to my PC right away and I was online. Being a good husband, instead of playing with the connection, I unplugged it and setup the router to share the connection with my wife. After some fits and glitches, mostly caused by obvious things that I overlooked, (isn’t that always the way?) we were running a shared secure connection through the Hawking PN9245F. Whew!

Now I want to see if I can play with the VPN capabilities, but we’ll see when I have time for that.

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