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Summation Certified Trainer Exam Part 2

I submitted my test today, part 2 of the exam. Part 1 was 50 multiple choice questions, which I submitted a while back and got my results immediately, 96%, passing. Part 2 was described as “short answer”, but in reality, they were short essays! When you have to give 3 possible troubleshooting problems and their solutions, that is not a short answer!

Anyway, there were 10 of those, and after many hours of writing, re-writing, and testing my answers in a test database, today I finally reached the point where I really didn’t have anything else to add, so I sent it in. Now I have to await my results. Which I don’t like, especially since there is no real time table on which to expect those results!

Assuming I pass this and don’t have to retake part 2, I move on to part 3, which is a hands on project.

Yes, this is a pretty intensive testing procedure. It’s no wonder you have 75 days to complete parts 1 and 2, and no deadline for part 3!

Here’s hoping I can move on to part 3 soon!

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