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So I ordered some stuff on-line last Thursday morning. (Nope not telling you what it was or where I ordered it from, can’t give Angela any hints before Xmas!). I got an email confirmation that said it would ship in 2-3 days, and that I could always check the status of my order by following a link to their site. I clicked it, and sure enough, the status was “Will ship in 2-3 Days”.

Monday morning, I wondered to myself if it had shipped yet, so I clicked again, and it still said “Will ship in 2-3 Days”. OK, no biggie. It had only been 2 business days, and we’re not that close to Christmas yet, I’ll check later in the week.

Weds. morning: “Will Ship in 2-3 Days”

Weds. around lunch time: box arrives at my office with said order in it.

Weds afternoon: Site still says “Will Ship in 2-3 Days”

Why bother giving people the option to check the status if you don’t update it?

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  1. The other end of the spectrum being Amazon, where they email you fifty times… “your order was received” “your order is being packed” “your order will ship today” “your order shipped” “your order should arrive on XY day” “your order was delivered” ….

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