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Linked: Why you should still take vacation time during the pandemic

I totally agree with this, we took a week off in August. We didn’t travel, per se, though we did take some day trips to explore some wildlife preserves and state parks in the area, but I know that I needed that break. Heck, with the way this year is going, I might need another one before it’s over.

““Time off doesn’t have to mean taking your annual vacation,” says Andrew Shatté, cofounder and chief knowledge officer of meQuilibrium, a science-based resilience training provider. “You may be thinking, ‘I’m not going to fly and don’t want to vacation somewhere close, so why bother?’ But grabbing a few days can make a big difference.””

I’ve been harping on this here, and with my friends, because it matters. We are not capable of never disconnecting from work. It is simply unsustainable for 98-99% of the world. We’re getting closer to the end of the year than you might think. Take your vacation time, even if you don’t go anywhere. Take a break from working, because we all need that.


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