Oops on the upgrade

I think I’ve mentioned before that I use the free version of Evernote at work, because I don’t have access to Onenote like I do at home. I’ve even talked about the time tracking template that someone had built that I have been using to make quick notes of work that I need to bill later. (Yes, I’m not an attorney, but I bill time like one..*L*)

Recently, my copy of Evernote has been informing me that there’s an upgrade available. For the most part, I’ve been ignoring it, becasue I haven’t really had much time to mess with it, but this past Friday, I was looking at a relatively calm day, so I went ahead and said yes, go ahead and upgrade me.

You’ll note, of course, that I didn’t do any research on the upgrade. I didn’t check out the user forums for possible problems, etc. I just agreed, like a typical user. (For shame!)

After restarting the program, I discovered that the time tracker template, didn’t work at all. Yes, the one thing that I use the most, and is most valuable to me in the program, was broken. Worse, once I went to look at the forums, I discovered that, oh yeah, there was information about how the upgrade would break custom templates!

Luckily, there were instructions on how to tweak the XML to fix the template, and after an hour or so of messing with the code I had a usable template again, albeit one that doesn’t really look as good as it did, before. Given that I also had a huge headache after looking at XML code for that long as well, I decided to cut my losses and work with the somewhat ugly, but functional, template.

If you use Evernote and have trouble getting your weekly time tracker template working, drop me a line, or if you want to take what I have and make it look pretty again, I’ll be glad to send you what I have!

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