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So here’s the question I have for those of you who work in IT. Can you tell it’s the holiday season by the number of people who’ve asked you for advice on what PC to buy for their spouse, kids, themselves, etc.? I’ve had a couple of people ask, specifically about moving to a laptop from a desktop.

What advice are you giving them? I try not to get too specific, but I do like to get a feel for what they’ll be using the laptop to do. That impacts what I’d recommend tremendously! Today, for example, I was dealing with someone who has small children, and wanted a laptop so they could play their games, while she could still check email, do some surfing and some light word processing. With a new laptop purchase likely to mean Vista, (a Mac would have been out of her price range) the one thing I really focused on was getting 2GB of RAM. That seems to be the sweet spot with Vista, especially on a laptop, where I hear there are serious performance issues, and it was still within her budget on Dell’s site.

If she had different requirements and tech knowledge, the advice would probably have been different.

What are you telling folks, or do you just stay out of the discussion all the way ’round? 🙂

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