Solved Old Blackberry Gmail Annoyance

I am writing this with the full knowledge that some of you probably figured this out a long time ago, but still I right it for those of you have, like me, been annoyed by the way a Gmail account works on a blackberry but not enough to ever try and solve it.

Recently, I decided to get a better control of my Gmail account. I decided to use a number of filters combined with the Multiple inbox labs feature to ensure that when I open Gmail on my iPhone I only see the important emails in my inbox as opposed to all sorts of social network updates, or mailing list mails, etc. Frankly, I really liked the way I got it setup, and was really glad to know that I would have easy access to all new emails, but be able to see the important stuff first.

The only thing that bothered me is that, by it’s nature, Gmail uses tags, not folders, therefore the Blackberry service would send every single email out to my device. The only way around that seemed to be to actually use the filter to trash items, but sorting through the trash isn’t a good way to locate those items again. Multiple Inboxes offered a way better way to sort lesser priority items out on the inbox, but still accessible, similar to what I do with Outlook at the office. (Which does prevent emails from being sent to the blackberry.)

Turns out, there is a solution that fixes not only this issue, but the issue of sent emails also being sent to the blackberry, and it involves forcing Gmail on the blackberry to use IMAP. Personally, I always thought it was using IMAP, but apparently it does not. Thanks to this forum post though, it’s now working the way I’d like, and causing my blackberry to buzz much less frequently.

Oh, and my blackberry buzzing less frequently at dinner makes my wife happy. Glad I finally found this!

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