Can Social Media Make Your Company Smarter?

According to this, yeah. And this part in particular seems like a serious no-brainer.

One method Klososky suggests to managers is encouraging employees to build personalized “rivers of information” that push specialized, real-time information about their industry or expertise to them by way of social technology tools such as RSS readers, Twitter and Digg. A fairly simple idea one might argue, but a practice that many companies underestimate, said Klososky.

“That’s raising the IQ of the organization. That’s one of the big things that costs nothing, but is reaping huge rewards,” he said.

Seriously, I’ve been doing this for years, and I know that I’m more informed and better able to see what’s coming because of it. If you work in a knowledge industry and you’re not doing this, rest assured that someone else is taking the time to do this and will be better equipped than you are.

Still think you can simply get by on what you know now?

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