My New Reader May Be The Old Reader

I know that the end of Google Reader is almost upon us. I’ve been a little too busy to spend much time experimenting with various tools that might become my new RSS reader. I’ve briefly looked at a few, but there have definitely been a few things that I’ve liked, some others that I didn’t. As I looked around, I really didn’t see anything that offered me what I have had for years in Google Reader.

Until today. I stumbled upon The Old Reader. The Old Reader is trying to replicate not just the current Google Reader experience, but also the sharing features that Google removed from Reader long ago. I instantly uploaded a copy of my Google Reader subscriptions and had the same folder structure and all my feeds in Old Reader about 15 minutes later.

So far, so good. Obviously, I will need a few more days of using Old Reader exclusively in place of Google Reader before I make any final decision, but I think there’s a strong chance that this is where I’m moving my RSS reading to.

What have you moved to since Google announced the shuttering of Reader?

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