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The Most Important Thing For Your Career

Seth Godin posted today about learning. The post was mostly to remind readers about the courses he has created that you can buy, and that’s all well and fine, but he also says something profound at the beginning:

In an economy built on skill, knowledge, and attitude, the single most powerful way to improve your productivity is to learn something.

You put in the effort once and it pays off for decades.

I was recently having a somewhat related conversation with some fellow technology workers. We agreed that the best character trait you can have in this profession is shown when you approach a problem like this: “I don’t know this right now, but I will go figure it out.” Often, that is how we learn around here and how things get done. Someone figures it out.

The flip side of this is also true. The most generous thing you can do is teach someone something you already know.

As you approach your professional plans for 2024, consider how you might incorporate being more productive and generous.

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