Linked – Cartapping: How Feds Have Spied On Connected Cars For 15 Years

Connected car photo
Image by Ericsson Images

So, if you have a car with satellite radio, or OnStar, law enforcement has been able to get a warrant to have those companies turn over pretty much real-time access to that information.

With internet connected cars, that should become even easier, let alone all of the things that are connected in your house. That’s a lot of data that could be used against you….

The rapid spread of connected devices that can listen and locate has been a boon for law enforcement. Any new technology hooked up to the web has the potential to become a surveillance device, even if it’s original purpose was benign, as shown in a 2016 Arkansas murder investigation where Amazon was asked to hand over audio from a suspect’s Echo.

But such information and much more, I’ve learned, has long been retrievable from cars. Indeed, court documents reveal a 15-year history of what’s been dubbed “cartapping,” where almost real-time audio and location data can be retrieved when cops order vehicle tech providers to hand it over.


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