Linked – How CEOs Without College Degrees Got to the Top

We seem to have created quite the little problem here –

“Employers are continually upping the ante on academic credentials. Nearly a third of jobs that once required only a high-school diploma now demand a four-year college degree, while one in four jobs that used to require a bachelor’s degree now require a master’s degree. Meanwhile, 75% of Americans believe that higher education is unaffordable and out of reach.

Employers often overvalue pedigree out of desire to play it safe — but hiring mistakes still abound. Meanwhile, a huge number of potential superstars are being overlooked.”

Hiring credentials always seems like the safe thing. No one is really, really going to point the finger at you if you hire an MBA with 3-5 years of industry experience, even if that person completely flames out.

On the other hand, constant learning, results, and people/development skills can’t really be measured using degree credentials. Some people have and continue to develop those skills. Others don’t.

And their degree won’t tell you which group they belong to.


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