Happy People are More Productive

Linked: Coronavirus: Managers impressed by workers’ productivity at home

It’s a UK survey, but the results do not surprise me.

“A survey of more than 1,000 UK office workers by Hoxby, a virtual agency and consultancy firm, also suggests managers have been pleasantly surprised by teams’ performance from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. 52% of leaders said workers had even been more productive than in the office.

Almost two-thirds of all workers surveyed said they were enjoying working remotely as they could spend more time with their family. The figure was even higher for those with young children at 72%.

Fewer than one in 10 employees was unhappy working from home, and just 19% said they preferred being in the office. “

I think, at first, with the extra adjustment of kids being home, and the stress of living with a pandemic, a lot of people were not being more productive. It’s hard to stay productive when the news is as bad as it is every day. But, eventually, people started adjusting, and getting used to working remotely, and most not only find they like it, but get more done.

If anything, this shows that remote working isn’t an excuse to blow off work, but rather a legitimate option for many, many offices. It also shows that a lot of people who maybe thought they wouldn’t like it, actually do.

The times, they are a-changing…


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