Linked – The Flu is Everywhere! So… How Do You Get Employees to Take a Sick Day?

This is true, what is also true is that most of these things would be mitigated, and the spread of the virus also mitigated, by having remote employees.

The reasons vary as to why workers didn’t use all of their paid sick leave: roughly 73% said they weren’t sick enough, 37% wanted to save them for another time, 28% said there was no one to cover their workload, 20% claimed that they had too much work to complete and 20% said not taking time off would help them get ahead.

When I was sick and working at home, I never had to think about the balance between getting some work done that needed to be done, and possibly infecting all of my coworkers. I just did the work in the privacy of my own home.

On the other hand, there is an absolute pressure among staff and associates in law firms to “be at work”, and thus instead of losing 1-2 days of one person, we end up with an entire zombie-like staff limping through their workdays for weeks at a time as they keep spreading sickness between each other.

But they’re in the office, so I’m sure there’s no lost productivity.


Image by Lance McCord

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