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Linked – How to Deal with Participants Who Deliberately Disrupt or Sabotage Training

Anyone who’s ever done any technology training has seen this:

“What are some of the common disruptive behaviors we see? Side conversations, excessive cell phone use, and participants who tend to dominate discussions are just a few. There are also latecomers and resistant learners. It’s not always easy to determine the cause of these behaviors, however our goal is to address them all in a consistent manner to preserve the adult learning principles.”

James presents some good ideas in the post. As an outsider coming in to a group to do training, often the group would correct the disruption, or the disruptive person would wind up not finishing the class. If I needed to say anything, I usually pulled up some comment that reflected my standard attitude about the whole thing, “Your company is paying for me to be here whether you learn anything or not, and learning this technology is clearly important to them, so I’m betting they expect you to learn it and work with it going forward. I’ll be off somewhere else by then, and you’ll be on your own”.

It surprises me how many people don’t seem to grasp that concept and waste the opportunity to learn.


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