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Linked: Shortage in mental health services fans flames of employee burnout

So whether you’re an employee or an employer, this article should resonate with you. And, you need to really pay attention to this little nugget.

“While 40% of employees said working remotely helps with work-life balance, they continue to struggle keeping work from bleeding into their nights and weekends. Meanwhile, even as 60% of employees agreed that taking “mental health days” was important, the average worker last year left seven unused days of vacation on the table.”

Use your vacation days, encourage the people who work for you to use their vacation days. Putting anything work-related above the need we all have for time away from work, is surely one road to burnout. There are many others, some of which you can’t do anything about by yourself, but this is one you control. And it’s easy enough to do and to allow your people to do.

If you read the entire article below, you’ll see more details about the shortage mentioned in the headline. Getting any kind of treatment is always a bit tough. Lots of Employee Assistance Programs include some, though probably limited, treatment options, but having them on a list of benefits, and having them be available might be quite another thing. So, we know this can be complicated. Taking time off, though, shouldn’t be.

Use your time. Your workplace isn’t going to fall apart without you. (Even if it is, that’s the organizations fault, not yours.) But, you might fall apart if you don’t take care of the rest of your life.

Shortage in mental health services fans flames of employee burnout

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