Facebook’s People You May Know

A few weeks ago I mentioned that the Facebook feature for friend suggestions could use some improvements. Well, today was the first time recently that I went over to Facebook and noticed that they’ve made some changes to it.

They made it worse.

Now instead of suggesting people and telling you what friends you have in common, they put a larger list in three columns, and quit telling you what friends you have in common. So now, there are the same people there all the time, with no indication of why, and no way to just say “hey, I don’t know this person, try again”. Blech.

Update: I didn’t notice until later that there is an “X” next to each suggested friend. When I hover over it, there’s a message that says “don’t show this person”. I got excited, thinking I could actually get rid of some of these A-list tech guys that I have no interest in reading any more, let alone trying to friend them on Facebook. However, after I clicked the X for a number of them and went back to the “people you may know” list, they were right there again! Grr!

By the way, I’ve gotten a couple of friend requests over there from people I don’t recognize, and don’t have an friends in common with. If you’re a reader and want to connect, I’m more than happy to, but add a message to the standard friend request, so I know who you are! Thanks!

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