Whole lotta work

I’m looking at a pretty busy day. Tomorrow is our Annual Meeting so after I finish my normal Monday routine of grabbing all the email that came in over the weekend to our generic account, dealing with database change requests, formatting and uploading the database updates to the website database, reviewing and testing the backups, checking the event logs, and attending Staff Meeting, I get to setup and test all the equipment that needs to go over to the hotel meeting rooms. Fun, fun!

At least I don’t have to actually go over there tomorrow. All the equipment will be working and will be with people I trust to handle it on their own, so I can stay behind and take advantage of 90% of the staff being out of the building! I can do so much database/network stuff without it interfering with day to day operations. It winds up being my spring cleaning day really. I’m looking forward to it!

I notice that the Forum system went silent after I removed myself from the THC picture by removing the forum. I half-expected that, but I was hoping the other topics would generate some posts. Oh well, it’s still there if you have something to say, and I’m still keeping an eye on things. I noticed this morning that their site was back up, finally! No sign of their own support forum yet though, so I’m still not making any permanent decisions about bringing back that forum on this site.

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