What did I miss?

Various stuff I noticed while catching up:

Walmart now has the Microtel PC’s with Mandrake. Now, this may prove to be more of an in-road to the consumer market than the Lindows version was, since Lindows isn’t even a finished OS yet! It’ll be interesting to see if this catches some market share or if Microtel/Walmart screwed themselves by putting the Lindows version out there first. It’s still good to see someone else step up and go the preinstalled route. I await word on how it works “out of the box”, which is the killer point for consumer desktop sales. (link via Josh)

Not to toot my own horn, but I also noticed that a story I blogged about months ago is just now reaching the top of the Daypop Charts. Operation Tips is scary shit! As this Aussie article points out, the US will, potentially, have a higher percentage of it’s citizen’s working as informants than former Soviet-bloc nations did at the height of the Cold War. Nice, really, nice.

Jamie Kellner is at it again, claiming that we’re all going to have to start paying around $250 a year for television programs to make up for lost ad revenue from people skipping commercials on PVR’s. That’s ok by me, put that high a price tag on the crap we currently get that passes for television programming and watch the industry fall apart as people move to something else. How many television programs would you actually pay for if you had to pay for them individually? (link from Tech Dirt)

It’s been a frustrating morning so far. I need to update the database on our website but the yahoo’s who host it never did get around to fixing the permissions problem, so I don’t have permission to update the database. I guess they were too busy with the new site we put up for the elections that I won’t discuss here, because I would hate anyone to find the reference to it here and discover that I think it’s about the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen online. (example, you have to register just to read the “about” page.)

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