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This is mostly a note to myself, and anyone else who finds themselves in a similar predicament in the future. I downloaded my first ebook from the library since buying a new laptop this weekend. Naturally, I knew I’d have to authorize the laptop as a new device with Adobe in order to deal with the DRM, and I also figured that I’d have to do the same with the PocketPC if I wanted to transfer the ebook because the Axim had previously been authorized as connected through the old laptop. What I didn’t plan on was following the directions and having it not work at all. I authorized the laptop, no problem. I downloaded the file. Then I opened Reader version 7.0, went to File/Digital Editions/Authorize devices. It brought up the website to authorize devices, and I clicked on “authorize PocketPC device”, where I was instructed to download Reader for PocketPC. I have Reader for Pocket PC installed already. I tried reinstalling it, went back to Reader and tried to authorize again, I was told the same thing.

Finally, after some searching I stumbled upon the answer. Instead of trying to follow the directions, I simply went to File/Digital Editions/My Digital Editions and tried to send the file to my PocketPC. It immediately informed me that I would need to authorize the Axim, and it proceeds to do that for me without taking me to the website. Now, everything works fine.

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